SSL Certificate Security


Thank you for your interest in adding SSL Certificate Security to your Website! 


Today SSL Certificates are a critical piece of technology infrastructure, in helping guarantee data authentication, and also to help guide positive Client Perception:


The Importance of SSL Certificates:


SSL Certificates are a best practice in 2020, and are a requirement for demonstrating “Security” according to Google, Microsoft, and Apple.  We need to provide them for all Clients, but they come at significant cost for Broadridge to implement and manage.

  • Without a SSL Certificate, your Website has a “Not Secure” Label in the URL field:



  • With a SSL Certificate, your website viewers will see a Lock in that same location:



  • Broadridge Universal SSL Certificate Rollout took place February 2020 SSL have been Available since 2018 for a $10 monthly fee

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Our Current Packaged Solutions Pricing Will Remain the Same (these include SSL Certificates).  To learn more about saving up to 48% each month please visit our website at .  

Please schedule a meeting with us if you would like to discuss your plans and goals, and determine what is the best product mix / strategy to accomplish your objectives.  Again we thank you for choosing to work with Broadridge and we appreciate your continued business!


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